Our Procedure

Our Procedure

Follow these instuctions to complete our procedure.

1. The Employer should make the Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Guarantee Letterer, Employment Contract & Agency Agreement in the name of Green Tara International Overseas for their requirements with the terms and conditions and should be duty attested by the concerned authorities.

2. Once, Green Tara receives the said original documents, we start legal process and advertise in the local dailies for the vacancies. Then, we screen the candidates according to the employer’s need and submit the pre selecte list to the employer.

3. Green Tara organizes the final selection procedure if required by the employer within a week from the date of receiving the original documents. We then, submit the cvs and other necessary documents of selected candidates with their medically fitness certificate to the employer within three to four working days from the date of final interview for the visa process.

4. After issuance of the Employment visa, the employer should send it to us either by email or fax or hard copy by courier, if required. Then, we complete the necessary formalities in the concerned offices for the legal deployment of the employee s / workers.

5. Green Tara gives proper orientation to the candidates about the nature of Job, company, salary & Fringe benefit, their duties & responsibilities and way of travelling which makes them easy to reach to the destination.

6. Finally, Green Tara deploys the visa issued candidates within one week to two weeks from the date of receiving employment visa. Joining air ticket for the employees should be issued by the employer in the Date fixed or inform by Green Tara. Finally, Green Tara sends the flight schedule to the employer one or two days before to receive workers.